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Blueprint Coffee seeks a mutually beneficial relationship loop among our producers, vendors, wholesale partners, and customers. Good coffee must be good from the start, so we dedicate a tremendous amount of time selecting a few coffees that are fresh and exciting. The beauty in these coffees is maintained through precise roasting, brewing, and training methods. Our company was born because a handful of baristas knew there was a need for a more transparent way to serve and present coffee. We encourage you to stop by for a cup and join in the loop.


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Karimikui AA Top

It’s quite remarkable that such singularly delicious lots of coffee come from all over Kenya. The washing station of Karimikui is located in the Kirinyaga District. It is one of the three washing stations operated by the Rung’eto cooperative. This specific lot is AA Top, meaning it has met the highest sorting standards in Kenya. It is shade-grown and made up of the K7 & SL28 varieties. We are happy to be offering this coffee for the second time in our short history.


Karimikui AA Top

Grind Styles

"Drip (1-2 cups)" This is a fairly fine grind setting that is ideal when brewing 8-12oz of coffee. Examples would be "02" size Hario v60, Beehouse or Melita #2 cones, or Kalita Wave."

"Drip (3-4 cups)" This is a medium-fine grind setting ideal for drip brewing 16-24oz of brewed coffee. Examples would be a Chemex, Large Hario v60, or many automatic drip brewers (3-6 cups).

"Drip (5+ cups)" This is a medium grind setting ideal for large batches of drip coffee. Think 10 cup Chemex or 8-12 cup automatic drip brewers.

"Press" This grind setting is a medium-course setting ideal for 4+ cups of french press. This will be slightly finer than many other roasters suggest for french press. Trust us.

"Extra Fine" This is a grind setting we don't recommend buying. Applications that need very fine coffee (like espresso) benefit greatly from grinding on demand. We suggest buying a home grinder for these applications.

"Course" We don't recommend grinding coarse for French Press..instead check out our "press" setting. If you insist that you still want it very coarse, pick this setting. Best of luck!

Price From: $20.50
Brightness is the tart quality that comes from fruits, like lemons, limes, apples, and peaches. The intensity of brightness can range from lemony and tart to lush and peach-like.
Sweetness is present when sucrose in the coffee is caramelized through roasting, releasing aromatics that correspond with our experience of cookies baking in an oven or nuts roasting in a pan.
Body is the perception of heaviness and viscosity in the mouth. This can be a combination of oils and carbohydrates present in the coffee bean. It can also be influenced by brew method. Coffee offers a diverse range of tactile sensation from light and tea-like to heavy and dense like creamy ice cream or gelato.
1300-1900 MASL
K7 - SL28


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